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We take our poké serious. Our fish is responsibly-sourced & sustainably caught. We work closely with our purveyors to ensure we are providing the freshest local vegetables & fruits.

Our plasticware is recycled, made from corn sugars, and crafted in a sustainable factory. Our paper goods are 100% recycled, and biodegradable. It's the little things that make a big difference. Our commitment to innovation and excellence is a key part to our story. 

"Sicker than your average..."


our story




"Hawaiian Poké, California Vibes"

In 2016 on a trip to California we met our first love, her name was Poké (Poh-Kay). Enamoured with the relaxed, laid back atmosphere of the American west coast, the fresh raw ingredients of Poké, and London’s innovative spirit we knew our next calling was introducing London to Poke. 


Opening first in our Fitzrovia location, we introduced central London to our new found passion. When we first opened, Gabriel was making the bowls, David was on till and Jeremy was in the kitchen preparing ingredients and experimenting with new recipes daily. Speed and passion were the name of the game as we flew into action day in and day building not just a new store, but community here in London. Word spread fast, and we knew we had to expand our tribe. 


Innovation catches on, and soon other locations were in the pipeline. With locations now across the city, and more coming this year; and even a few imitators out there our tribe is getting bigger and bigger. Welcome to the tribe. 

our tribe


"I've got royalty, got loyalty inside my poké. "

The Tribe, it's more than just a catchy saying, it's our community. Our community is a collective of like minded, easy going, healthy people. We believe a healthy lifestyle and culture is central to creating our vibe. We hope to create a space where people can bring their passions, in a relaxing, healthy atmosphere. Intrigued? Email us at team@ahipoke.co.uk to find out how you can get involved.